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"Surfing" the web you will see postings of accusations of fraud about our founder.
Official charges were never brought because the accusation was BASELESS!
Further "surfing" will show this as well.
Please note, we put this at the beginning of our site as we have nothing to hide.
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"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the Heaven."
Ecclesiastes 3:17

My loyal customers and fans that time has come for Jonathan.
40 years as come and gone.  It is time to enjoy the sunset of my remaining years.
As you will note from the website pages most products are out of stock.
There are plenty of spare parts to support past products.

I believe the products are still very viable in the marketplace.
Companies with manufacturing and marketing ability are encouraged to contact for licensing opportunity.

"Thanks for the MEMORIES"
Bob Hope

Thank you ALL for a GREAT ride!


Jonathan Arthur Ciener, Inc.

.22LR Conversions


Looking for some NEW fun in your shooting?
JAC, Inc. has the answer! - SHOOT .22's!

Come on get CONVERTED!
Our conversions allow you to convert your gun quickly and easily to
shoot  .22 LR ammunition.

Our handgun conversions are available with
magazine capacity over 10 rounds!!!



The .22 LR Conversions contain all parts necessary to convert your firearm from it's existing caliber down to the inexpensive .22LR rimfire cartridge. The conversion is achieved with no permanent alterations to your firearm so it can be quickly returned to it's original caliber. They allow semi-auto .22LR fire in semi-auto firearms and select-fire operation in select-fire firearms.
Magazines are all metal, only plastic is the conversion’s box.
[ "Have you forgotten how it felt that day..." ]

Handgun .22LR Conversions

[ 1911A1 ]         [ Browning Hi-Power ]         [ Beretta / Taurus ]

We now have threaded barrels.  See individual conversion's parts page.

Rifle .22LR Conversions

[ AR15 / M16 ]                    [ Mini-14 / AC556 ]

And soon "Project X"

Submachine Gun .22LR Conversions

[ Thompson ]

Out of Production .22LR Conversions

[ Glock ]                    [ AK47 ]

We do NOT accept orders for items not in stock, ready for shipment.
Item availability is marked on order page.  Items out of stocker (o/s) are marked.  Pages are updated as stock changes.
Orders paid by USPS Money Order are usually shipped within two working days of receipt of order.

ALL conversions available with "Hi-Capacity" (over 10rd) magazines!!!

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