ITEM:  The "Ciener" Beretta 92/96, 93R, 9mm/.40cal. Pistol .22LR Conversion Unit

CONTENTS:  The unit consists of a new slide, .22 LR barrel, return spring and guide rod, recoil buffer and 15 round magazine in a fitted plastic case.

FITS:  The unit fits all current production generation Beretta 9mm and .40cal. pistols (w/ the mag catch on the side of the grip @ the trigger ring, NOT bottom).

Standard Model - The standard unit fits all full size 92 and 96 pistols, double or single action.

N/A Compact Unit - The Compact Model unit has a 1/2 inch shorter slide and barrel.

N/A Compact "M" Unit - The Compact Model with a narrow .22LR magazine.

93R Unit - A special unit for the 93R select fire pistol allows semi and 3 round burst fire capabilities. It is supplied with a 25 round magazine (50 round optional).

OPERATING PRINCIPLE:  Direct blow back design, as are all other .22 firearms.

DE-COCKING/SAFETY LEVER?:  The use of a passive firing pin safety block has eliminated the need and danger of the de-cocking lever. Most all current firearm designers are turning to this passive type safety feature for their added safety confidence.

LAST ROUND HOLD OPEN FEATURE?:  The unit magazine's manufacturing technique does not allow for the retention of this feature.

INSTALLATION:  Field strip the firearm as for cleaning to include removal of the slide/barrel/return spring upper assembly.  Install the unit's sub-caliber assembly just as the OEM parts and insert the unit's magazine. Approximate conversion time is ten seconds.

FUNCTIONING:  The unit functions FLAWLESSLY (guaranteed) on good quality High Velocity, Hyper Velocity and most all Standard Velocity quality .22LR ammunition.

ACCURACY:  Even though they are designed for pleasure shooting, due to the very tight attention to precision manufacturing they are providing mean shot groups of 1 to 1 1/2 inches or better at 50 feet.

FRONT SIGHT:  The front sight is part of the slide. It is machined from the solid stock as the slide is machined.

REAR SIGHT:  The rear sight is a drift adjustable type. The dovetail slot in the slide is the same size as the standard 1911A1 slot so any adjustable sights made for the 1911A1 will fit.

MAGAZINE:  The magazine's capacity is 15 rounds. We have two patents on its design.

PLASTIC STORAGE BOX:  The custom fitted box allows for the storage of the original parts from the firearm it is installed on while the unit is in use.

Slide/Barrel/Return Spring Top End
- Identical to the Beretta 92/96 pistol.
Magazine - The magazine fully disassembles in seconds. It features patented tongue-in-groove inter-connected back and bottom plates which slide out so the interior can be easily cleaned.

- The slide is machined on Mazak CNC equipment out of solid bar 7075 T6 Alloy. This is the same alloy used in the construction of the F16 Fighting Falcon, NASA Space Shuttles, M16 U.S. battle rifle and the Beretta’s receiver. Barrel - The barrel is machined from E. R. Shaw pre-rifled match grade 4140 gun barrel stock.

Alloy Parts - The unit's alloy parts are Mil-Spec Anodized and Teflon coated.  The units are offered in Gloss Black, Matte Black, or Silver at no additional charge. You must specify your color choice if other than Matte Black.
Steel Parts - The steel parts are Mil-Spec Parkerized as needed.

WEIGHT:  The unit weighs approximately 1 lb. without the plastic box, 1.25 lb. in its box.

MANUFACTURER:  Virtually all of the parts of the units are manufactured in our facility in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The units are assembled, tested, and shipped daily.  Truly "Made in the U.S.A." with quality and pride.

GUARANTEE/WARRANTY:  The unit is warranted for one year against defects in materials or workmanship.  [ Warranty ]

MODIFICATIONS:  We do not authorize any modifications of the unit.  Additionally, any modification voids all warranties expressed or implied.

AVAILABILITY:  Normally stock item, assembled and test fired daily.


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