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                               The "Atchisson"  by Jonathan Arthur Ciener, Inc.                                        
.22LR Conversion Assembly
(without magazine or plastic storage box)



This unit consists of the bolt, chamber adapter, receiver rail, related parts and copy of our instruction booklet.
 Unit is fully assembled and test fired using out steel magazine and Remington 40gr. solid nose ammunition.
You add your choice of the many magazines available out there and your firearm.

These are first line NEW assemblies with our full 1 year warrenty.
NOT dumping of used or return units like some others are doing.

(Any problem must be demonstratable when tested with our steel magazine and above noted ammunition.)



w/ USPS Priority shipping INCLUDED.

This SPECIAL is sold and delivered one and ONLY one way.

Send your name, ship to address, email address with a USPS Money Order for the $109.00
made payable to Jonathan Arthur Ciener, Inc.
Orders with any other form of payment than USPS Money Order will be returned, NO acceptions!
Email address is for notification by USPS of shipment date with tracking number.

3 pieces - $315.00
10 pieces - $1000.00
Again, USPS Money Order ONLY.  Price includes USPS Priority Shipping!

These assemblies are in good stock at this time.  Should stock be depleted, this ad/page will be immediately removed.
Should your order arrive after that and stock is NOT available the order will be returned.
Jonathan Arthur Ciener, Inc. DOES NOT ACCEPT orders / payments for ANY product not in stock ready for shipment - PERIOD!

This is a LIMITED TIME offer so don't procrastinate,


Jonathan Arthur Ciener, Inc.
8700 Commerce Street
Cape Canaveral, FL  32920

Remember...USPS Money Order ONLY, Thank You.




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