Thank you for your interest in our line of .22LR Conversions.

We began our involvement with .22LR Conversions with production of the "Hohrein" .22LR Conversion Kit for "Ruger's" Mini-14/AC556.  With its success, we were asked to redesign and produce the "Atchisson" MKII Conversion for "Colt's" AR15/M16.  It became the MKIII which is unquestioned as the finest conversion available for the "Black Rifle".

The "Ciener" 1911A1 .22LR Conversion Unit is unquestionably the finest Sub-Caliber Conversion ever built for that firearm.  They offer outstanding quality of construction and finish with flawless operation and exceptional accuracy.

We have a modified unit for the Combat Commander, which is the regular unit with shortened slide, barrel and special return spring/guide rod.  Another unit for the Officer's Model has the same shortened parts as the Commander with the shortened magazine as needed with the Officer's Model 1911A1.

By substituting our specially designed magazine with the full size 1911A1 unit you have a model for the Para-Ordnance P14.45.

Our newest 1911A1 unit is the adjustable sight version which is patterned after the Colt "Gold Cup".  We call it the "Platinum Cup".  They offer accuracy approaching that of a target pistol.

Using the pioneering design features of the 1911A1 handgun conversion, we created the "Ciener" Beretta 92/96 Conversion Unit and its companion unit for the Taurus PT92/99/100/101.

The "Ciener" GLOCK conversions for the 17/22 and 19/23 are in full production with many thousands in customers' hands.

We have begun distribution of our newest .22LR Conversion:  The "Ciener .22LR Conversion for the Thompson Submachine Gun.

Design work of a our .22LR conversion for the famous Browning Hi Power automatic is underway with prototypes under test..  This conversion we hope to be able to offer early in 2003.  Please monitor this website for updated information on its availability.

There are several other handguns under consideration for .22LR Conversions.

Please forward your FFL by fax to 321 868 2201 with your return fax number and we will forward our quantity price list.  Distribution of our products by other than FFL Dealers / Distributer (Sporting Goods stores, responsible "Gun Show" entrepreneurs, Pawn Brokers, etc.) is possible upon proper proof of intentions / capabilities.

As you will see from the price list, the discounts go by the quantity of units ordered.  To reach a higher discount level they may be mixed between variants of the same model but not with other pistol or rifle models.  For example all 1911A1 conversions (26 models) may be mixed with the other 1911A1 models but not with Beretta or AR15/M16 designs but Beretta and Taurus my be mixed together, as well as GLOCK 17/22 with 19/23s.

Catalog Distributors must agree not to advertise/sell the units or magazines at a lower price than our suggested retail (FFL dealer sales not withstanding). We will not allow our products to be "whored out".  They may charge more if they choose.  FFL Distributors must agree not to sell the units or magazines at a lower price than our 3 piece FFL Dealer prices.  They may sell singles to their stocking FFL Dealers although we do not.

Due to some past payment problems experienced, we are unable to offer terms to ANYONE (these are the same terms we have with Wilson, Kimber, Brownells, et/all).  All orders must be prepaid before shipment. When your order is ready to ship, we will fax invoice for Bank wire transfer of payment or we can ship COD. Prices are FOB Cape Canaveral, FL.

ALL "end users" pay retail - NO EXCEPTIONS!  Discounting will NOT be tolerated!

Last but certainly not the least item of importance is that these kits, magazines and spare parts are considered by our United States Department of State to be Category 1(A) Munitions List items.  Their export and subsequent diversion is controlled and must be Licensed on DSP-5 Applications.  Any export without this license is a Federal Felony.

We look forward to a mutually profitable relationship.

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