Ability to use "Ciener" 1911A1 .22LR Conversion with 9mm, .38 Super, other than .45ACP firearms

Because of the wide variation in manufacturing tolerances between the different manufacturers of 1911A1 pistols and their various modified designs, as well as aftermarket modifications / gunsmithing, we can not definately say it will fit your firearm.  Our official response to this question is:

The unit fits all 1911 .45 ACP pistols whose dimensional tolerances meet those of the U.S. Government Prints including Colt series 70 & 80 Regular, Gold Cup and most of their clones.

Standard Model Unit - The standard unit fits all full size 1911's as noted above.

Combat Commander Unit - The Combat Commander unit has a 3/4 inch shorter slide.

Officer's Model - The Officer's Model has a 3/4 inch shorter slide and a shorter magazine.

Platinum Cup Model - The Platinum Cup Model has deluxe features designed for the advanced shooter. It closely resembles Colt's Gold Cup model.


The only difference between a .45ACP and 9mm, .38 Super, original .22LR or other caliber 1911A1 frames is the width of the ejector. Since these other cartridges' cases are smaller in diameter than the .45ACP, the ejector is widened closer to the centerline of the frame and our slide will not clear it. This is why the slide goes partially onto the frame then stops when it touches the ejector which is the long pointed forward finger up above the receiver just behind the mag well hole.

You need only remove the ejector when using our conversion. Our conversion has its own ejector, which is part of the barrel. The ejector is held in the frame by a small 1/16 pin only. Using a proper size/condition 1/16 punch, it can be pushed out and then the ejector pulled up and out of the frame.

CAUTION: GREAT CARE should be exercised not to damage/mar the frame, ejector or pin. JONATHAN ARTHUR CIENER, INC. WILL/CAN NOT be held responsible for any damage as the conversion kit is designed AND advertised for use with .45ACP firearms ONLY.


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