Ability to use our "Ciener" 1911A1 .22LR Conversion with Para-Ordnance firearms

Because of the wide variation in manufacturing tolerances between the different manufacturers of 1911A1 pistols and their various modified designs, as well as aftermarket modifications / gunsmithing, we can not definately say it will fit your firearm. Our official response to this question is:

The unit fits all 1911 .45 ACP pistols whose dimensional tolerances meet those of the U.S. Government Prints including Colt series 70 & 80 Regular, Gold Cup and most of their clones.

Standard Model Unit - The standard unit fits all full size 1911's as noted above.

Combat Commander Unit - The Combat Commander unit has a 3/4 inch shorter slide.

Officer's Model - The Officer's Model has a 3/4 inch shorter slide and a shorter magazine.

Platinum Cup Model - The Platinum Cup Model has deluxe features designed for the advanced shooter. It closely resembles Colt's Gold Cup model.


Therefore the unit to select for your Para is as follows:

P14.45 - Standard length slide with out P14 size magazine.

P13.45 - Commander length slide with P14 size magazine.

P12.45 - Commander length slide with P14 size magazine. We do not offer a shorter magazine so the P14's mag will stick out the bottom of your P12 frame.


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