YES the 10 years of the Clinton imposed magazine capacity of 10 rounds has passed and thanks to the success of our
Republican Elected Officials and the National Rifle Association

You now AGAIN can have Hi-Capacity Magazines
 for your "Ciener" .22LR Conversions.

Please do not attempt to send magazines they will be shipped back with no action.
Please do not phone for delivery update
Watch this site for updates.  Sometimes you just have to wait and be patient!

The follow are available now:

1911A1 full size and Commander Units - 15 rounds

 1911A1 Officer's Unit - 13 rounds

 Hi-Power Units - 14 rounds

Beretta and Taurus Units - 15 rounds
 "NEW" for Beretta and Taurus - 25 rounds (@ $95.00)

Glock 17/22 Units - 15 rounds

 Glock 19/23 Units - 12 rounds

Rifle Conversions - 30 rounds

Thompson SMG Kit* - 30 and 20 rounds


for those who received "Ciener" Handgun Conversions during the dark days of the "Hi-Capacity Magazine Ban"
we are able to

Modify existing "Ciener" 10 round Handgun Conversion magazines
to the higher capacities listed above.

1 mag   $20 + $10 S&H = $30

2 mags   $35 + $10 S&H = $45

3 mags   $50 + $10 S&H = $60

4 mags   $60 + $10 S&H = $70

5 mags   $70 + $10 S&H = $80

$10 per each additional magazine

(P.O. Box add $10.00 to S&H)

Your best deal is to send them to us with any order for another conversion or additional Hi-Capacity Magazines and you will save the $10 S&H charge.
You need only send the modification charge amount.
We will return them with the new order so their return shipment charge will be covered by the new order's shipping charge.

Residents of CA, HA, MA, NJ, NYC and Chicago are still restricted to 10rds.
NJ may have up to 15rds.  MD may have up to 20rds.
Please to be advised, we do NOT sell/ship Hi-Capacity magazines to ANYONE other than the Military and Government Agencies in these States, PERIOD.
There are NO exceptions, including State licensed Hi-Capacity Magazine Dealers and individual Law Enforcement Officers, regardless of State or local laws.
For those in these States who send orders for Hi-Capacity, we reserve the right to substitute lower capacity magazines up to amount paid, without notice.


* "Ciener" Thompson SMG .22LR Conversion Kit owners can have their 10 round magazines opened to the OEM capacity at no charge as guaranteed when you purchased your conversion.  You need only forward them to us.

Rifle conversion magazines are NOT convertible.
Please go to "Parts List" page of the conversion you have and order new.


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