ITEM:  The "Ciener" THOMPSON SMG .22LR Conversion Kit

CONTENTS:  The kit consists of a sub-caliber bolt/bolt carrier assembly, chamber adapter/barrel liner, liner retaining nut, and OEM magazine fitted with a .22LR liner in a fitted plastic case that replaces the standard bolt assembly of the THOMPSON submachine gun.

FITS:  The kit fits all 1921*, 1928, M1 and M1A1 firearms whose dimensional tolerances meet those of the U.S. Government prints**.

1921 & 1928 Kit
- The standard sub-caliber bolt/bolt carrier assembly with 21/28 top actuator handle, chamber adapter/barrel liner, long liner retaining nut for use with Cutts compensator guns or short liner retaining nut for use with non-Cutts barrels, and OEM 30rd. magazine fitted with a .22LR liner in a fitted plastic case.
M1 & M1A1 Kit - The standard sub-caliber bolt/bolt carrier assembly with M1/M1A1 side actuator handle, chamber adapter/barrel liner, short liner retaining nut and 1 30rd. OEM magazine/.22LR liner.
"ALL" Kit - Standard sub-caliber bolt/bolt carrier assembly, chamber adapter/barrel liner, both top and side actuators, long and short liner retaining nuts and 2 30rd. OEM magazine/.22LR liner.
"Deluxe" Kit - "All" Kit with steel parts finished in Hi-Lustre "Blue" and alloy parts in Gloss Black anodized. 1 20rd and 1 30rd OEM magazine/.22LR liner.

OPERATING PRINCIPLE:  Direct blow back design, as are all other autoloading .22 firearms.

INSTALLATION:  Field strip the firearm as you would for cleaning to include removal of the standard bolt assembly. Install the kit's sub-caliber barrel liner/chamber adapter and retain it with the appropriate length retaining nut, install the sub-caliber bolt/bolt carrier assemble as you would the OEM part/s, re-install the OEM recoil spring, guide rod & buffer, re-install the trigger housing and insert the unit's magazine.  Approximate conversion time is 2 minutes.

FUNCTIONING:  The unit functions semi and full automatic FLAWLESSLY (guaranteed) on good quality High Velocity, round nose, non-hollow point, 40gr. .22LR ammunition.

ACCURACY:  The accuracy of the firearm it is installed in is maintained out to 100 meters. The point of impact is lower past 100 meters.

MAGAZINE:  The magazine's .22LR liner's capacity is 30rd or 20rd capacity based on the OEM magazine.

PLASTIC STORAGE BOX:  The kit is supplied in a fitted plastic box.



Sub-caliber bolt/bolt carrier assembly - Need not be dis-assembled for cleaning.  Soak in solvent, brush and/or blow clean.  Dis-assembly may cause unnecessary premature wearing of precision machined surfaces/tolerances. Magazine - The magazine fully dis-assembles in seconds by removing the OEM floor plate.

Parent firearm - The kit should be removed from the firearm after 500/1000 rounds and firearm cleaned in the same manor as with the OEM caliber..


Sub-caliber bolt, barrel liner/chamber adapter, liner retaining nut
- 4130/4140 Chromoly steel, heat treated as required.
Sub-caliber bolt carrier, actuators, magazine liner - 7075 Aluminum alloy.
Various other parts - Cold roll or spring steel.

FINISH:  Steel parts - Mil spec. parkerized. Aluminum parts - Mil spec. anodized (matte black)

WEIGHT:  The unit weighs approximately 1.5 lb. without the plastic box, 2.0 lb. in its box.

MANUFACTURER:  Virtually all of the parts of the units are manufactured in our facility in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The kits are assembled, tested, and shipped daily.  Truly "Made in the U.S.A." with quality and pride.

GUARANTEE/WARRANTY:  The unit is warranted for one year against defects in materials or workmanship.  [ Warranty ]

MODIFICATIONS:  We do not authorize any modifications of the unit.  Additionally, any modification voids all warranties expressed or implied.

AVAILABILITY:  Limited production, assembled and tested as needed.

* If used with completely original 1921 firearms, a 1928 recoil spring, guide rod and buffer must be substituted for the OEM large diameter 1921 parts.  Most 1921's were converted to "1928 overstamp" firearms.  Part of that conversion was use of the 1928's design recoil spring, guide rod and buffer.

** The kit is not recommended for / or warranted to work with "West Hurley" new manufactured and other post WWII firearms or the 1927 and other semi-auto versions of the THOMPSON.


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