Ammunition prices continue to rise. The Government continues to try to restrict supply.  Save your valuable ammunition AND still enjoy your shooting sport AND do more for less money.

First and foremost is, YOU SAVE MONEY! For example, you can shoot 10 rounds of .22LR ammunition for the price of a single .223 cartridge! For the price of 500 rds. of .223 ammunition you can buy the Conversion AND 1,000 rounds of .22LR ammunition.

You turn your favorite firearm Into a DUAL PURPOSE FIREARM. In seconds, you can install your .22LR Conversion and use your personal defense weapon as a training firearm. Imagine training your wife or girlfriend, children and friends the safe use of your 1911A1 .45ACP pistol with 22LR - less noise, less recoil, etc. Your Conversion is ideal for hunting small game such as squirrels, rabbits and varmints where the larger standard cartridge is far too powerful. When you need the heavy knock-down power of the standard cartridge, your handgun and rifle provide it. But any other time you can use your Conversion to target practice, zero in your sights, adjust your scope, etc.

You will have MORE PLACES TO SHOOT. Most indoor and outdoor ranges don't allow you to shoot center fire bottleneck cartridges because of the damage to their back stops or danger to people living close by. Everywhere outdoors you must be specially careful of the extra long ranges of the regular cartridge. With your .22LR Conversion on your firearm, all these places to shoot are now available.

And best of all, JUST BECAUSE IT'S FUN! Shooting .22 is lots of just plain fun. Making a tin can dance with your Beretta 92, busting the center out of a paper target with your Mini-14, splattering mud and water along the river bank with your 1911A1, pulling the trigger down on a full magazine in your M16 in automatic mode, running the barricade coarse several additional times with your GLOCK, and so much more.

Remember our conversions are the ONLY available with
magazine capacity over 10 rounds!!!

Enjoy shooting just because it's fun!!!

ORDER your .22LR conversion TODAY!

And DON'T forget to order spare magazines, you'll want'm !

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