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These units consist of a new slide, .22LR barrel, return spring and guide rod, recoil buffer and 15 round magazine in a fitted plastic case.  They function FLAWLESSLY (guaranteed) using High Velocity, Hyper Velocity and most other quality .22LR ammunition.  The units and magazines are offered in Gloss Black, Matte Black and Silver finish.



The "Ciener"                                                    
Beretta 92/96FS
.22LR Conversion Unit

"Field strip" your gun, slide the conversion assemble on, rotate the take down latch locked, insert the .22LR magazine, SHOOT .22LR.  Takes 10 seconds.  No gunsmithing needed.
It's just that easy!


Unit in Fitted Case

Unit on Beretta 92FS



The "Ciener"                                                    
Taurus PT92/99
.22LR Conversion Unit


Unit on Taurus PT92

Unit in fitted case



and have a "BLAST" with your "Beretta" or "Taurus"!

And DON'T forget to order spare magazines, you'll want'm!


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